It’s the responsibility of a parent and teacher to look after the student. Policy programs have put parents involvement necessary in the education mainstream. It’s the basic thing to support and foster the growth of child’s development in his career. To raise a child properly an appropriate partnership between both parties is necessary. It’s a good viewpoint to avoid your child’s failure. It really appears that parent face several issues and to deal with these issues they need guidance and support. But the question arises what kind of support is required? Obviously a support to resolve the issues a child may face, gaining skills to deal with those issues, prepare to participate in activities, and helping children to build literacy skills. These are the factors that will surely reinforce your child to step towards success.

Few years ago a council was created to create a dialogue between both parties. It’s a next big step in the education. The dialogue is essential to foster a communication between children and parents. It is focused towards improved students learning. It will leave a positive impact on the child’s learning. It’s will set a large stage of opportunities for the students. Ensure that this mechanism exist in all schools for the betterment. Try to cover all the events at school, attend them. Show your interest towards your children it will reinforce their interest in learning. Reach those parents who find it difficult to reach you. Notify parents of each and everything, this will benefit the entire educational process. The most overwhelming key towards your child’s success is the positive involvement of your parents.

Many researches has been done and it is proved that parental involvement is the predictor of scholastic achievement. You have no idea how effective it could be for your child’s career. When parents, children and teacher work in cooperation it is more likely for a child to perform better at school. It’s more beneficial for your children. This leads to high self-esteem and better performance. Even parents find it beneficial when they get involved in to these activities. They experience satisfaction, improvement in communication, and better performance.

So overall we can say that parents play an active role in students education. Giving time to your child’s life and paying full attention should be your priority. When parents understand the atmosphere of learning and collaborate for better performance the whole system benefits from it including parents, students and children. Maximize your students performance and academic achievement learning skills and strategies at no cost.